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How You Can Enjoy European Football

Football, or soccer for most Americans, is the most popular sport in Europe. It is one thing for whole countries to be passionate about a single game, but it is another for an entire continent to celebrate it as part of their culture. Fans from other countries with plans to travel in Europe can get a chance to experience the hype by following these trip guidelines.

Secure an ETIAS Visa

Most European countries with football leagues are within the EU Schengen region, which means that tourists need an ETIAS visa. The European Union came up with the European Travel Information and Authorization System to help tourists cross EU borders without problems. You can apply for an ETIAS visa online by filling up a form, giving you access to countries where you want to watch football.

Pick Your Favorite Team

Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, France’s Ligue 1, and Spain’s La Liga are only some of the European football leagues that host a lot of talented football clubs. You can watch your favorite teams play against their rivals in what the Europeans call a derby, which happens in domestic leagues. When it comes to European football tournaments like the Europa League and the Champions League, you can travel to Europe by following your favorite club’s schedule and watch them contend against the best of Europe. With an international tournament and a domestic league, you will get to savor your precious moments by cheering for the team you love wherever they go.

Get to Know Your Fellow Football Fans

You do not need to purchase stadium tickets to watch football as most of the pubs are open during games to accommodate the fans who cannot get admission. Pubs filled with football fans can provide you with a great moment, especially when their favorite clubs score a goal. You can also gossip with the locals about the team updates to get yourself excited for more football.

Take Photos before the Match

The best thing about European football matches is that fans remain devoted to the game, making it rare for you to spot a person trying to take a picture. The football fans in Europe enjoy the sport by cheering their players and joining the numerous chants within the 90 minutes of game time. As a tourist, you may want to get a video of the fantastic stadium environment, but it is better to enjoy the match and feel the experience.

European football clubs know that every game counts, which gives fans assurance that they will always get a good match for the night. As a non-European tourist with a passion for football, you can enjoy the “beautiful game” in person by securing your travel visa and supporting your favorite club all across the continent.