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Explore the Amazing Beauty of Catalonia

Beauty of Catalonia

Beauty of Catalonia

Residing in northeastern Spain is the region of Catalonia, a province rich in history and culture that it can distinguish itself from its country. The area consists of four cities with a variety of religion, art, and architectural marvels that tourists will love. If you want to get the full Catalonia experience, there are great tourist attractions categorized in each city.

You Need a Travel Permit Before Your Trip

While you may feel excited about your Catalonia trip, you must prepare for the travel permits you need months before your scheduled flight. Fortunately, you can apply for the EU Travel Information and Authorization System visa, or ETIAS visa, with ease. The ETIAS visa will allow tourists permission to travel along the European Schengen region, which includes Catalonia.

The Historical Town of Tarragona

The city of Tarragona is a popular destination in Catalonia because of its fantastic coastline, gorgeous beaches, and fascinating ancient landmarks. The Cathedral of Tarragona is a blend of two major architectural styles, Romanesque and Gothic. The ancient remains of the Roman Amphitheater also share its status as one of the most preserved classical Roman establishment in the world. With a view of the stunning Mediterranean Sea and the El Milagro Beach, the Balcón del Mediterráneo also made it to the list of sites to see in Tarragona.

Lleida is a Haven for Tourists

Lleida is a beacon of tourism not only for Catalonia but also for Spain. The city is full of vibrant art, culture, and architectural achievements. Lleida is also a destination for nature lovers because it has over 500 lakes and rivers. The Turo Seu Vella is an intriguing combination of an ancient church, the military fort, and the Castle of the King, which makes it the priority for tourists visiting Lleida. The Champs Elysees, meanwhile, boasts French-style gardens with several captivating, fountains, statues, trees, and flower beds. Lleida also has the Paeria Palace, which is the city’s peak Romanesque architecture achievement.

The Aesthetic City of Girona

Albeit being a small town, Girona has a history more vibrant than most cities. The Jewish Quarter still keeps the spirit of Jew settlement from 982 to 1492 alive and remains the best preserved quarters in the world. The medieval walls continue to attract tourists from all over the world with its captivating view of the beautiful city. Girona also has a lot of famous bridges, including the Eiffel Bridge, constructed by the same guy who built the Eiffel Tower. Finally, tourists can head to Girona Cathedral, which is the most scenic spot in the city.

The Colorful Capital of Catalonia

Barcelona has so many worthy tourist attractions that a whole weekend may not be enough for tourist to get the entire experience. The Barri Gòtic captures the ambiance of Gothic architecture and lifestyle of centuries past. The Basilica de la Sagrada Familia remains one of the most famous unconventional churches in the world. Tourists can socialize with locals and foreigners alike in La Rambla. The Palau de la Música Catalana and Park Güell are also must-see attractions in the capital of Catalonia.