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New Zealand Road Trip: Do’s and Don’ts

With a population of only 4 million people, New Zealand isn’t exactly known for having a mass transport system. That is why the best way to visit places and experience epic views is through road trips. With your Visa to New Zealand, you can have the best spontaneous getaway along with these few tips.



  • Pick the Right Car

If you have a lot of stuff to bring with you and have plans to visit a couple of remote ski resorts, then the best car for your trip is an SUV. You might encounter rough roads along with a surprise mud fest. If you visit New Zealand during the winter, make sure your car has snow chains on if it’s not on four-wheel drive. You might run the risk of getting stranded without them. Also, snow chains help you drive up to ski resort paths since their roads are mostly made out of gravel.

  • Explore Freely

Don’t be afraid of going off the track. If you’re driving to any destination and you come across a path that makes you wonder where the road leads, don’t hesitate to make that turn and explore what New Zealand has to offer. You’ll be surprised by all the beautiful things you’ll discover if you take a leap of faith. You might find the most stunning and breathtaking view of the beach by taking that turn. Because of how sparse the population is, you can be freely spontaneous, and find amazing places to set up camp and enjoy the starry night.



  • Abuse the Freedom Camping System

Because New Zealand is well known for having several campsites, they have put up a system on how things work. Try not to get overwhelmed by it all, but instead do what you can not to abuse it merely out of respect, especially if you’re only visiting. You can rent two types of campervans: the fully self-contained and non-self-contained. One has a toilet; the other doesn’t. However, you can only do freedom camping if you have the appropriate facilities – such as a toilet. Getting caught camping with the wrong van will ultimately give you a $200 fine.

  • Underestimate the Roads

Although it’s good to explore and discover new places, try not to underestimate the roads that New Zealand has. They only have one lane on either side, and they are mostly crooked, winding, and gnarly. Some of them can also be very unforgiving. It’s essential always to be cautious, mainly because remote roads have no guardrails.

One last tip: be prepared to fall in love with New Zealand. Not only will the breathtaking landscapes blow you away, but the friendliness of the people and how accommodating they are will surely make you want to come back. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Visa to New Zealand now!

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