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How You Can Enjoy European Football

Football, or soccer for most Americans, is the most popular sport in Europe. It is one thing for whole countries to be passionate about a single game, but it is another for an entire continent to celebrate it as part of their culture. Fans from other countries with plans to travel in Europe can get a chance to experience the hype by following these trip guidelines.

Secure an ETIAS Visa

Most European countries with football leagues are within the EU Schengen region, which means that tourists need an ETIAS visa. The European Union came up with the European Travel Information and Authorization System to help tourists cross EU borders without problems. You can apply for an ETIAS visa online by filling up a form, giving you access to countries where you want to watch football.

Pick Your Favorite Team

Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, France’s Ligue 1, and Spain’s La Liga are only some of the European football leagues that host a lot of talented football clubs. You can watch your favorite teams play against their rivals in what the Europeans call a derby, which happens in domestic leagues. When it comes to European football tournaments like the Europa League and the Champions League, you can travel to Europe by following your favorite club’s schedule and watch them contend against the best of Europe. With an international tournament and a domestic league, you will get to savor your precious moments by cheering for the team you love wherever they go.

Get to Know Your Fellow Football Fans

You do not need to purchase stadium tickets to watch football as most of the pubs are open during games to accommodate the fans who cannot get admission. Pubs filled with football fans can provide you with a great moment, especially when their favorite clubs score a goal. You can also gossip with the locals about the team updates to get yourself excited for more football.

Take Photos before the Match

The best thing about European football matches is that fans remain devoted to the game, making it rare for you to spot a person trying to take a picture. The football fans in Europe enjoy the sport by cheering their players and joining the numerous chants within the 90 minutes of game time. As a tourist, you may want to get a video of the fantastic stadium environment, but it is better to enjoy the match and feel the experience.

European football clubs know that every game counts, which gives fans assurance that they will always get a good match for the night. As a non-European tourist with a passion for football, you can enjoy the “beautiful game” in person by securing your travel visa and supporting your favorite club all across the continent.

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A New Backpacking Guide for British Globetrotters

Backpacking and traveling have never been more fun this year around, especially since the world packs many a beaut and tourist spots made more comfortable to access. Here is a quick and easy guide for British backpackers on what to prepare before traveling in the year 2019.

Packing the Essentials

Trekking the globe is almost everyone’s dream, but no traveling is easy without these basic backpacking essentials:

  1. Clothes, versatile ones. Ideally, the clothes you would want to bring are easy to fold, easy to put on, and easy to pair and match. Bring clothes that you love, and leave those that make you feel uncomfortable. Try bringing cotton shirts, pajamas, cotton jackets, pairs of socks, 4 sets of undergarments, and one swimwear.
  2. Toiletries (in a toiletry bag). Depending on how long you would be staying out, make sure you have enough bathroom essentials for your trip.  Pack small ones, or Check the store for small squeeze bottles or plastic bottle dispensers where you can transfer essentials that are too large to carry (e.g., 900 ml lotion). Place them all in a packing bag (or packing square) for accessible location.
  3. Walking Sandals or Shoes. These are indeed a staple traveling essential since you’ll probably be spending hours on your feet while exploring the countries you would visit. Pick a pair that is comfortable and fits your style.
  4. Water Bottle/Silicon Travel Bottle. Without a water bottle, exploring and touring would be one hell of a chore. When you do not ingest water, your body loses its fluids through the sweat, making you tired quickly. Stay hydrated while you’re sight-seeing or wandering the places.
  5. Powerbank. In this digital age, it comes as no surprise that a phone is a must-bring almost anywhere, and in traveling, it’s used mostly for photo-taking. What use is a phone without battery juice? Powerbank is the best solution for your power-hungry phone. Take one of these, or maybe a few.
  6. Laundry Soap. You would not know when you would need a laundry soap until you need one, so pack one of these in case there is a need to clean some clothes you brought or ones you bought from the place.
  7. Sewing Kit (the small one). Another one for the clothes, this sewing kit will come in handy for those looking for fabrics to fix or tears in the shirt from all the walking and touring.
  8. Passport. Probably the most essential identification you would need in your whole trip, a passport should never leave your hands (or bag, or pocket). Keep it in a safe part of your bag, one where you would definitely not lose it.

All these essentials are great items to jumpstart your plans to tour the world. However, one particular change would be made for British citizens planning a trip out of the country, as they need to add an ETIAS,  to visit EU countries come 2021.

Why the New Requirement?

The EU Commission has confirmed, after much deliberation, that British citizens would need to pay a fee and secure and ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) before being able to travel to other EU countries. It was announced last November 2018 and shall take effect on 2021.

The change takes effect after the Brexit, what with the EU Commission having jurisdiction over its constituent countries. Since the UK won’t be part of the EU, Britons must secure the ETIAS Visa Waiver before being able to travel to the EU countries.

This requirement is a must-have for British backpackers for their ease of travel throughout Europe and also the globe. And besides, the ETIAS has a fast and easy application process that takes only a couple of minutes to accomplish.

Processing Your ETIAS

Following the guidelines to applying for the ETIAS goes as follows

  1. ETIAS application starts online at There you must provide basic biodata about yourself: citizenship, full name, surname, among others
  2. After having duly filled out the form, which takes only about 10 minutes, you must submit the form and pay a fee.
  3. After that, you would be subjected to a screening of your biodata and information. After a couple of minutes, you would get an approval of your ETIAS Visa waiver form, and now you’re good to go.

Closing the Gap

Preparing a backpack of this sort, and having all the essentials is an excellent start to your hunger for world travel. Secure the requirements for each of your trips, and there should be nothing stopping you from venturing into the world, except maybe the fact that you’re still reading this article.

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