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Top 5 Beaches to Visit in New Zealand

Can you imagine a perfect destination? If you’re more of a beach person, we know the best place for you – New Zealand. The country has a lot of majestic beaches that can take your breath away, so what are you waiting for? Process your New Zealand tourist visa application now so that you can have your dream getaway.

New Zealand: A Dream for Beach Lovers

Wherever you go in New Zealand, you will find different beaches surrounding the area. With its crystal blue water reflecting the sky in its surface, you will find yourself amused with the view, and you will want to come back for more. The waves are also suitable for surfing.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Beaches?

Of course, the best time to visit is always during summer. The warmest days in New Zealand last from late December to early February. I’m sure you want to spend your Christmas warmly, so it’s the best time to plan your vacation in New Zealand. You can also go to the beaches during winter; there are a lot of activities for all seasons.

Top 5 Beaches to Visit

For how many days of travel, you cannot go to all the beaches in New Zealand. We listed the top 5 picturesque destinations for you.

  1. Piha Beach – This beach is found on the west coast of the country, and it is easy to reach. From Auckland, you can take a car, and you’ll be in Piha Beach for about 30 minutes only. This place is what surfers look for.
  2. Hot Water Beach – It is located in the Coromandel Peninsula. From its name, you can conclude that the water in the place is hot. You can build your hot spa and bury yourself in the sand.
  3. Ninety Mile Beach – This beach is unexplored because it is found in the very north of New Zealand. It is popular because of the dunes.
  4. Kaiteriteri Beach – Do you want to get the perfect tan? This beach has it all because the sun shines the brightest in this location.
  5. New Chums Beach – This is another unexplored beach in the list. If you’re looking for serenity during your vacation, you can visit New Chums Beach.

Have you found the perfect destination for you? Do not miss out the chance to go to New Zealand and have a grand vacation.

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