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How to Answer an ETA Questionnaire

Getting a Canada ETA is simple, and it can be the passport of your dreams. But before any dreams materialize, some work needs to be done. In this case, it’s making sure you successfully answer the ETA questionnaire.

Never Lie

As a general rule, you never want to lie on paper, especially if it involves another government. In answering the ETA questionnaire, make sure you don’t make any misrepresentations or else you’ll be in big trouble. Some people are tempted to lie over a simple matter to speed things up, but there’s always a chance that this strategy will backfire.

You’ll be miles away from your dreams if the authorities find out you lied, and it can be the cause why you’re barred from entering the country. Even though you think it’s such a small detail, remember that it will cost you a big deal in terms of your eta application.

Consider Each Question Carefully

Next, to lying, another thing you want to avoid is broadly interpreting the questions. Doing so means that you may disclose unnecessary information which will prejudice your application. You may unknowingly give information which the government doesn’t want to know, or knowing the information would get you in trouble.

Read the questions carefully, and make sure to limit how you interpret it. Give simple answers, be direct to the point, and don’t volunteer unnecessary information. The less you put, the slimmer the chances of your answers being questioned or misinterpreted.

There’s No Right or Wrong

The form contains much semantics, although they don’t necessarily equate to its correct definition. Don’t over overthink, and answer what is asked. There’s no right or wrong answer in the form, make sure to be mindful and consider various definition in some words. If you’re having a hard time understanding some of the terms, you may seek assistance. But don’t worry because the questionnaires are simple enough for an individual to answer by themselves.

However, there may be some instances where some the question is begging a different answer than what you think. If you’re confused with these types of item, go with your first instinct but be sure not to overshare.

If you want your ETA application to be successful, make sure to be mindful of the questions before you. Another good advice is to search how others found the eta questionnaire, and how it was approved. You may also seek legal advice, especially if you’re in doubt.

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